Sacrificed for the Black Magic?

It was Sept. 2001 when the mutilated torso of a black boy was found in the River Thames.  His limbs and heads were dismembered.  The investigation committee was not able to find any clue about the young boy, the only thing they can confirm is his age which is around 4-7 years old.

They were finding it hard to find evidence because they were unable to produce dental records, the face of the victim or even fingerprints since the culprit decided to cut those off.

What is visible in the neck is that his throat was cut and he was drained of blood.  The investigating bodies asked for the help of the universities nearby hoping they can provide them with better results.

One of the forensic geologists named Ken Pye of the University of London was able to found traces of strontium in the bones of the victim.  He also claimed that this boy just recently arrive coming from West Africa.  The other forensic was also able to discover some plant materials in the stomach of the victim together with the bizarre mixture of materials.  The anatomist was able to recognize the plant.  It was a calabar bean that is commonly found in West Africa and a toxic one.  The calabar bean is often used by the Africans to create a toxic substance.    That poison could result to a painful death.

A voodoo expert claimed that the plant found inside the stomach of the boy together with the other substance is often use by the witch doctors to perform black magic.  After some time they concluded that the boy was made as a sacrifice.  Human sacrifice still occurs in West Africa.  A total of 100 sacrifices a year were documented by the South African police department.  And they believe that the most powerful magic can be obtained by using a child as a sacrifice.


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