Carla Murphy

Two days after she gave birth to a baby boy, Carla Murphy (31) of the Altoona, Pennsylvania allegedly smoked bath salt and attack the staff of the maternity ward at the Altoona Regional Hospital.

The incident which was reported in Daily Mail on the 17th of June states that Carla Murphy was found sweating and agitating by the nurses.  She was then seen rolling at the shower floor.  Based on a local gazette, the local authorities were summoned on the scene after Murphy started exhibiting erratic behavior toward the hospital’s nurses.

Murphy gave the permission to the authorities to search her belongings.  They discovered a dismantled pen with some suspicious residue.  They also saw a package of Disco that contains white substance and lighter.  The Altoona Mirror states that Murphy told the police that the white substance is a Disco, a brand of bath salts.

The nurses started administering anti-psychotic drug but it poses no effect to Murphy.  She was then requested to stay in her own room, but instead of obliging on the request, Murphy started swinging her hands and attempted to flee the room.  She was finally apprehended when she punch a nurse and attack an officer.

Murphy continued to resist as the nurses put clothes on her.  She allegedly kicked a nurse but she eventually fainted when the drug administered to her took effect.  The police gained a permission to search the would-be-home of the newborn baby boy.  The police managed to find different drug paraphernalia, aluminum foils, needles etc.

The couples are charged with illegal possession of drug paraphernalia.  The custody of the new born baby was not disclosed to the public.


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