Begierig is a vampire creature in German which is literally translated as “avid chewer”.  One of the very first documented sightings of Begierig came from Minister George Roher.  The series of sightings were reported to Martin Luther, a theologian.

Begierig can be created into three different processes, one is if a baby was born with a caul, another is if one died due to drowning, and the last one would be if a dead one is buried wearing clothes that bears his name.

This vampire was believed to never leave its grave but at the same time he was also held responsible for tying the tail of the cows together.  This creature is said to lie in its grave while one of its eyes is open.  It is also chewing its shroud and after consuming his burial shroud, the begierig will begin to chew on its entire body.  Though it cannot physically visit their family members, the begierig would draw energy from his family members, a trait similar to psychic vampires.  A family member must consume garlic in order to repel the psychic vampirism of Begierig, but it is not a permanent defense.

In order to put a Begierig to rest, one must exhume the corpse of a suspected vampire creature.  One must remember that this creature carries plague so they have to be careful in dealing with the body.   You must then place a solid object into its mouth in order to prevent it from chewing.  Some place a stone or a metal objects into its mouth.

Another method that is usually performed by the relatives is to tie the mouth closed using a white linen napkin.  You can also perform the traditional method of exorcising like decapitating the head and burning the corpse of the Begierig.


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