Zombies during the Civil War

Based on the documents of a renowned historian, most Voodoo and Hoodoo priests became rich during the year of the civil war.  They believe that they were paid an enormous amount to re-animate the victims of war and make them their slaves.  The Voodoo master would start to mix dead stuff in a giant black pot.  They would then ground the fingers and toes of a supposed zombie and turn into a powder.  They said that this powder cost too much that only the rich and the evil ones are willing to pay.

Some people who are aware of this trade which they also call this year as The Golden Year of the Zombies.  Experts on Voodoo said that the practice on Zombie is a well accepted tradition during that time.  The tomb of Marie Leaveau is the area which many people believe that the Voodoo Queen would grant your wishes.  But she would only grant your wishes if you promise to return on the same spot within a year.  If you failed to show up during the interval period, you will lose everything that you gain.  There are also rumors stating that one would be a zombie in a time of their death if they failed to present themselves with the Voodoo Queen.

There are still questions lingering on who is the real Voodoo Queen. Some says that it is Marie Leaveau who is a zombie at birth and was taught by her mentor Dr. John everything about zombiefication.  Others said that it is Voodoo Queen Mama Couteaux.

Mama Couteaux was the Voodoo and also the Hoodoo Queen of the Texas.  The experts believed that she was married to her zombie husband.  And her husband still walks in this earth guarding the wealth that Couteaux was able to amass during her lifetime.

They also claimed that Couteaux was also taught by the great Voodoo-Hoodo Master which is none other than Dr. John.


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