A moroi is a vampire creature on the Romanic lore.  It rose up from the grave to drain the life out of the living.  Moroi is often associated with strigoi, but compared to strigoi this creature is born, alive and mortal.

Moroi usually takes the form of a beautiful woman.  It is tall with a very slim figure but her skin is too pale.  Their beauty is often described as supernatural.  Though the warmth ray of the sun do not literally burn their skin, Moroi does not feel comfortable to be exposed in the daylight.  Moroi can also utilize magic and wields the element of air, water and even air or in some instances, they combine these elements.

But there is a moroi who was believed to specialize on a special type of element, the spirit element, an element that was believed to be long forgotten.  Moroi can also force you on doing something that is against your will just by looking in your eyes.  Such ability is called as compulsion.    But fortunately, the morois are not allowed to use their ability as a mean to attack someone but only to defend themselves from an impending danger.

Dhampirs, which is believed to be the son of a mortal and a vampire, is the guardian of Moroi.    The Dhampirs protect the Moroi, but long ago the Moroi used to fight side by side with the Dhampirs.

It is interesting to note that a moroi is not dependent on blood alone, they also consume human food and they can survive on normal food alone for a long time.  But blood is important to maintain their strength.    Their bites release some endorphins that stimulate their pleasures when the victims were bitten.  They said that victims will be addicted to its bites since they said that the moroi’s bite is better than sexual intercourse.


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