Jumbies is a term used for all the vampiric creature of the night in the Caribbean island.  They usually attack during the night by using their flight ability while seeking for travelers or children who are still outside the house at the wee hours of the night.  They feed on the blood of their victims and they were said to look like a corpse candle.  The jumbies also have a similarity with the alp and incubus.  They would have a sexual intercourse with their victim and drain them of life energy in the process, on the case of the male victims they were also drained with sperms.

There were some instances when the jumbies were described to be harmless.  This creature were said to lurk in a part of the town where the light does not reach.  It will often time hover outside of one’s window to hunt for a prey.  Due to their method of hunting, people were warned about throwing water outside of their window since it is believed that a wet jumbie is a lot more dangerous.

Interestingly, the jumbies can only use their ability of flight over a solid ground; they can never fly over bodies of water, making it impossible for them to cross the other island.  But it has a unique ability compared to other vampires; this creature can steal the voice of a child in order for it to have the ability to speak.

By night, this creature wear a skin that makes him look like a human, but at night, the jumbies will shed the skin and go on a hunting trip.  Like those vampires that can shed their skin, rubbing a salt on their skin makes it impossible for them to wear it again.  Eventually the light of the day would destroy the vampire creature.


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