In the Mohawk Indian tribe, the Limikkin is a term used to refer to a skin walker.  Werewolves during the Ancient American folklores were believed to be skin walkers.  Limikkin are also shape shifters just like any other type of werewolves, but they are not limited to wolf alone, limikkin can transform in a shape of any animals they want. 

On the Navajo tribe, they believe that a limikkin is described as a mutation of animals.  A limikkin may only use a garment to change into another form of animals.  For example a wolf strap is enough for one to change into a wolf.  In the case of the Limikkin they believe that the witch is only using a mask in order to shape shift.

Limikkin can transform into a bear, coyotes, dog, fox, and owl or even a crow.  The legends of the Limikkin are normally heard in the Navajo tribe, Mohawks, Aztecs and Hopi.  These Limikkin is said to gain the power of shape shift through witchcraft.  Based on the stories and legends of Limikkin, they are almost impossible to catch but there are easy way on how to distinguish a limikkin from a true animal, they said that a limikkin is unable to move like an animal.

In most stories, there is only one way that one can defeat a limikkin, they said that if you are able to call the Limikkin in its true form, they will revert back to their original human form.  You must call them with their real name while declaring that the person is a limikkin, only then that the creature would become a man making it vulnerable to human attacks.


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