I Am A Good Vampire

Christopher Rodriguez, 28 years of age kidnapped a 14 year old online girlfriend.  Rodriguez, who was a former Navy, took the train to Virginia to seduce her supposed girlfriend and knock out her parents unconscious using sleeping pills.

Rodriguez supposedly threw a rock on the window of the underage girl’s bedroom confessing his love for her and that he would return on the date of her 18th birthday.  The girl was frightened for her security and told her mother about Rodriguez and immediately called the authority for help.  He was arrested and facing an arraignment for soliciting a minor.

The relatives of Rodriguez defended him.  During his arrest his grandfather said that Christopher often told him that many vampires are good and that Christopher is a good vampire.  They also said that Rodriguez is already married though they are separated and he thought that the girl was of legal age.  They even use his service in the military to disprove the allegations.  The relatives do not believe everything that Rodriguez was charged with.

Rodriguez was also fond of playing online games.  He was also particularly interested to vampire stuff and that the young girl is her online vampire girlfriend.  He is also an avid fan of the popular movie twilight and the television series True Blood.

Rodriguez allegedly met the girl on 2009 in the online vampire game, reign of Blood.  It is an MMORPG game where one creates his own online persona in a form of a vampire and interacts socially with other players all around the globe.  The girl later divulged that they were married online; she also believed that Rodriguez truly loved her and that is why she agreed to his idea of visiting her.


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