Trine, the Woman who can turn herself into a Werewolf

In one village, there lived a woman named Trine.  Her husband was dead for quite some time now and in addition he had not left her anything.  She was left in a slumber state with no one to turn to.  But despite of her being on the poor class of the community, she still managed to provide herself with an adequate and fresh amount of meat especially to those people who would pay her a visit.

After some time, a male relative came to her house to visit her.  She would then offer her a fresh meat.  The male relative would wonder on where she was getting all the fresh meat since she couldn’t afford much to buy this stuff.

Trine asked him to go to the roof by climbing the ladder which is leaning on the side of their house.  The male relative did as he was told.  On the roof of the house, he saw a herd of sheep on a distance.  Eventually, a werewolf appeared on the area and attacked the herd of sheep.

The werewolf managed to snatch one of them and took it back with her.   The shepherd who was also in the area saw everything that happened and took after the alleged werewolf with his pack of dogs.  The wolf was able to defend itself.

But back on the roof where a male relative was watching, he watches as the werewolf fight with the shepherd and the dogs.  He panicked and calls the werewolf’s name.   He allegedly shouted the name Trine.  In old lore, it was believed that if you call the werewolf with its true name, the werewolf would revert on its original form.

Trine went back to her human form and was unable to fight back.  The shepherd attacked her with no mercy.  Fortunately she was able to survive that attack, but she had to drag herself in order to go back home.


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