Werewolves of Poligny

The trial against 3 suspected individuals of being werewolves during 1521 was one of the most famous werewolf’s trials in the history.  Michel Verdung, Pierre Bourgot and Philibert Montot were accused of having a pact with the devil giving them the ability to shape shift; but out of the three mentioned only two of them made a detailed confession.  The defendants claim that the three made the shocking revelation due to extreme torture.   But nonetheless, the statements of Pierre Bourgot and Michel Verdung were one of the reasons why the “werewolves of Poligny” became popular up to this day.

According to Pierre, he was about 19 years old when the town was devastated by a storm.  Their farm animals was scattered and he had to look for them.  Pierre started looking for the animals together with the other farm owners but he was lost when he went on his own way.  He continued walking and arrives on a certain place.  On that road, he met three men covered with dark suits.  One of them pointed out that he looked so worried and they asked him about his destination.  He replied and said that their herd animals are missing due to the storm and that he is no longer hoping to find them.  The traveler, clad in black suit told him not to worry.  He only has to pledge allegiance to him and the traveler will promise that his sheep will never be attacked by pack of wolves ever again, nor suffer any damage and die.  Pierre agreed to the terms given to him by the traveler and he promised to return to the same spot within 4 to 5 days.

He returned to his search and surprisingly found every single one of his sheep.  Four days has passed and he went back to the same location where he found the traveler just as he promised.  The traveler asked Pierre if he’s now ready to pledge loyalty to him.  Pierre was a bit hesitant and asked the traveler first on whom he is.  The traveler quickly answered and told Pierre that he is a servant of the devil and Pierre should not fear him.  Pierre later agreed to offer his services to the man, the man told him to stop believing on saints, the Virgin Mary and God and that he should sway from the teaching of the church.    Pierre then uttered a chant as a sign of loyalty to the devil.

During the first two years, Pierre neglected his spiritual ways and avoided to be touched by the holy water.  He revealed the name of the man wearing a dark suit as Moyset.  Moyset promises were real, during wolves attack his sheep would not sustain any injuries.  But Pierre decided to break away from the curse.  He started visiting church again eventually reciting credos and being blessed by the holy water.  He did that for 9 years, until a man named Michel Verdung asked him to return and obey his master.  The man promised him a large amount of money and Pierre agreed.

One night they went in a forest where there are other people like them.  Some of them doing wonder that cannot be done by an ordinary man.  They said that if Pierre would offer his services to the master, he will also learn great stuff.  Michel anointed him with mystic oil that turned him into a werewolf.  After two hours Pierre regained his true form.

Pierre and Michel also confessed to a number of murders while they were in the form of werewolf.  They said that they were responsible for the death of a woman while she was gathering some peas.  They also devour a 4-year old girl, leaving only her arms behind and also on cutting the throat of women and drinking their blood.  They also confessed having sexual interaction with female wolves.  Their confession is eerily similar as if someone orchestrated it with only a minimum difference.


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