The Boy and the Wolves

The broken promise is a story about a boy who becomes a wolf-man and is a part of the Native American Indian folklore.  The story started with an Indian Hunter who decided to build a home in the deep forest for his family since the people in the village has been so unkind to them.  When the Indian hunter died, the wife soon followed, but before she died she told her eldest son never to leave the youngest brother since he is sickly and weak.  The children of the Indian hunter remained together.  But when the eldest son reached adulthood, he decided to go back to the village and neglect his last promise that he made with his parents.  Their sister did not approve his decision.

But nothing can stop the eldest son from leaving them. He left his 2 siblings and never returned.  After a few years, the sister also felt the heavy responsibility of taking her youngest brother.  One day, she told the youngest brother that she had to leave the hut in order to find the eldest brother.  There are enough food in the hut and she promised that she’ll return soon.

But when she went to the village she found out that her brother is already happily married.  She decided to stay in the village and eventually got married.  They forgot about their younger brother waiting alone in the forest.

The youngest brother consumed roots to nourish his ailing body after he consumed all the foods in the hut.  When the winter comes and the snow will cover the roots, he will eat the remains of the kill of the wolves.  After several days, he decided to join their company, share foods with them and also to live with them.

One day when the eldest brother is riding in a canoe in a great lake.  He heard the voice of a kid singing. “My brother, my brother!  I am becoming a wolf, I am becoming a wolf!”  At the end of the song he heard the kid howling like a wolf.  At that time, the eldest brother recognized the voice of his youngest brother, he called his name, but their brother fled with the pack of wolves. 

The eldest brother decided to tell it to his sister, and they live sorrowful lives, feeling sorry for what they did to their younger brother.  The story has a strong resemblance to werewolves, the ability to shape shift and take the form of a wolf due to a curse.  This time the curse of the little brother came from the broken promise of the 2 siblings.


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