Hebrides Werewolf

Hebrides Werewolf is a case of a ghost werewolf in Scotland.  Rumors said that it was a werewolf that waslooking for his bones, similar to the story of a werewolf in Wales, which is also known as the Merionethshire Wolf.

An account of the supposed phantom wolf was recorded on the early 20th century. Andrew Warren and his grandfather are interested with geology and natural history and because of this his grandfather would often visit the countryside to look for something interesting, especially new type of specimen.  One day while he was investigating a certain part of the countryside, he saw a collection of weird bones, he brought those bones home and gave it to Warren for further inspection.  Warren found out that the set of bones has a human body with a head that is similar to the wolf.

One night when Warren was all alone in the house since most of the adults are in the church, he heard some unusual noise at the back part of their home, but surprisingly, he couldn’t find any sign of an intruder or anything that might have cause the noise.  Warren spread the eerie bones on the kitchen table.  Suddenly he heard a loud tapping sound at the window.  He looked up and saw a dark shadow of an unknown man, and upon a keener look; he found out that it was a head of a wolf attached to a human neck.  But since he would not believe in anything bizarre, he quickly shrugs of the idea that it was a phantom wolf.  He thought that it was just a reflection, but the image of the face did not vanished. 

He took a good look at the image of the shadow; little by little the image becomes clearer to him.  It was a wolf with huge canine teeth; its ears are pointed with glowing eyes.  Warren was so afraid that the creature might forced to go inside their house by smashing their window, he ran through their kitchen to lock the door.  He decided to wait inside until all the adults are done on their meeting at the church.  By the time that his grandfather arrived, the shadow of the wolf was long gone.  He and his grandfather decided to return the remains of an unknown beast to the original location where his grandfather found it.  The eerie ghost was never seen again after that day.


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