Thornton Heith

The incident on poltergeist activity that concerns a vampire happened in the house of the Forbes in Thornton Heith.  The bizarre and eerie event happened all of a sudden with no known reason at all.  It began on 1938 and was focused mainly on Pat Forbes who is believed to be the mistress of the Thornton Heith.  The paranormal activity is so severe that sometimes random objects will fly out of nowhere, objects dropping from the ceiling, glass shattering and object appearing from the thin air.  Eventually the house is covered with a pungent scent of a decaying meat.  As day goes by the phenomena grew from bad to worse.  Finally Mrs. Forbes decided to report the incident of a vampire menacing their house.

The bizarre case caught the attention of the mainstream media.  Nandor Fodor, a renowned psychologist launched a thorough investigation about the poltergeist activity and concluded that Mrs. Forbes is suffering from what he called a “poltergeist psychosis”.  He claimed that Mrs. Forbes was unconsciously responsible for the poltergeist activity caused by stressed and her current mental state.

The story of Mrs. Forbes was like a rip off from a famous vampire novel.  Fodor together with his research has gained negative feedbacks from the critics that led to a libel case against one of the local newspapers.  At that time Fodor refused to divulge the whole story behind the poltergeist activity until he gave a detailed lecture at the Assoc. for the Advancement of Psychotherapy.  Accounts of the incident can be found on his book “On the Trail of the Poltergeist” which was published in the year 1958.  Finally he was able to gain his reputation.

The disturbance on their home lasted for a long time.  Fodor went to the Forbes’ home on Feb. 24 and his investigation of the creepy incident lasted for months.  Fodor was surprised to see that Mrs. Forbes was able to create this activity with the help of some troubled spirits while she is in a trance state and also the ability to leave her host body and travel. Mrs. Forbes also have a notable marks of injuries all over her body and she claimed that it was because of the random spirit attacks.

Fodor was able to document the vampire attack, and according to him:

“She awoke feeling something like a human body lyingbeside her on top of the cover; something cold and hardwhich she took to be a head was touching her neck. Shewas unable to move. After a few seconds the thing left herwith a flapping of bird’s wings. Then she must have fallenasleep, and in the morning she awoke limp and bloodless.She pricked herself and drew no blood. There were twopunctures with clots of blood on her neck.”

Fodor started an examination and found two deep and unusual puncture wounds on the neck of Mrs. Forbes.  According to the testimony of Mrs. Forbes she felt a bizarre force that night that knocked her off to sleep.  She said:

“It may have been around midnight that I woke with thesensation that there was something ghastly on my lefthandside (which is away from my husband), on top of thecover. It felt like a human body. Pressing against my neckwas something cold and hard, about the size of a man’shead. I could not move, I could not shout, I was frozenwith fear. I felt myself getting weaker and weaker, sinking.I felt like this when I lost a lot of blood after an operation.”

She further said that she felt weak upon feeling the pressure on her neck.  She described the sensation as tingling rather than painful.  She claimed that a strong foul odor emanated on the whole area when she regained her consciousness; however, creature suddenly left.

Upon further investigation conducted by Fodor, she found out that Mrs. Forbes has an urge to bite her husband of the neck and she actually did.  She also dreams of someone biting her on the neck prior to the incident. The vampire incident was a self inflicted injury caused by a fantasy of Mrs. Forbes.  Fodor elaborated that her case goes back to her childhood days when she suffered some traumatic experiences resulting to hallucinations.


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