Hexham Heads

On 1972, a case of a demonic ghost of a werewolf was reported in England.  The incident began after the discovery of some weird bones, similar to what happened at the Merionethshire case in Wales and Hebrides Wolf in Scotland, wherein a phantom wolf came back to look for his lost bones.    The event happened on a conjunction in Hexham, Northumberland. 

February, 1972 when an 11-year old boy named Colin Robson was tending on his family’s garden when he accidentally dug up a weird stone similar to a head.   His brother came to help him, they continued their digging and moments after they found the second stone.  The head-stones were a bit smaller than a ball of tennis but it is very heavy despite its size.  One head looks like a head of a man and the other resembles a head of a female witch.  They took the stones and brought it home.

Not long after they brought the weird stones home.  Some bizarre things started to happen that is similar to poltergeist activities.  The spooky experience is not confined in the Robson’s home alone but also with Dodd’s family, their neighbour.  Random object were found shattered and broken.  Their sister’s bed was also found covered with broken shards of glass.

Meanwhile, in the Dodd’s house, the family reported a sighting of a werewolf.  The werewolf allegedly appeared inside their bedroom during the middle of the night.  The couple said that they apparently saw the werewolf ran using its hind legs, down the stairs and into the front door.

The heads were then acquired by Dr. Anne Ross. Dr. Ross was an expert in studying the Celtic cultures; she has no information regarding the previous bizarre experience that happens to both families.  She thought that the heads are a part of a ritual that is around 1, 800 years old.  Actually she already has a few collections of the heads but this new one that she acquired seems to bring her troubles.

Ross also reported a sighting of a wolf.  She first thought that a man broke inside her house, but upon keener look, she found out that it was a wolf.  The body of the wolf was covered with fur.  It also disappeared in an instant, she tried to pursue the creature by listening to the hooves but unfortunately the sound disappeared upon reaching their back door.  The image of the werewolf was also seen by her daughter.  But just as what her mother experienced, the werewolf also disappeared.  And that was not the end of the werewolf sightings, the Ross family always spotted the creature at their stairs.  Their visitors also reported some weird things that they notice inside the house.

The head stones were eventually claimed by a man named Desmond Craigie stating that he is the original owner of the head stones.  He said that he made those headstones as a toy for his son which is a bit weird considering the heavy weight of the object.  The sighting of the wolf remained unexplainable up to this day.


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