Châlons Werewolf

Chalons werewolf is also known as the French wolf trial of a man who lured children into his shop abused them and killed them. He was a tailor who was executed by burning at a stake on 14th of December 1598.  Montague Summers described the event as follows:

“This wretch was wont to decoy children of both sexesinto his shop, and having abused them he would slicetheir throats and then powder and dress their bodies,jointing them as a butcher cuts up meat. In the twilight,under the shape of a wolf, he roamed the woods to leapout at stray passers-by and tear their throats to shreds.Barrels of bleaching bones were found concealed in hiscellars as well as other foul and hideous things. He died(it is said) unrepentant and blaspheming.” 
The accounts of the atrocities were so shocking that the court decided to destroy all the files after the arraignment and the murderer earning him the title “Demon Tailor”.  The officials imposed a rule not to let anyone see the written accounts of the murders thus the name of the tailor was never known.  But there were rumours that some documents have been kept and handed down from generation to generation.

The man has a reputation of luring children inside his shop in Paris, assaulting them sexually before cutting their throats.  He would mutilate the body after; cut them into pieces and eat them.  There were times that kids would refuse to go inside the tailor shop, he would then embark on the woods nearby dressed like a wolf (some says in wolf’s form) to search for victims.  Some claimed that the tailor killed a several dozens of kids.  Officials proved the claim of the witnesses upon performing a thorough search in his shop and found a barrel full of his victims’ remains.

Officers responded quickly, he was convicted and sentenced to death by burning at a stake in a short period of time.  According to the reports of Nigel Blundell, a large crowd witnessed the punishment that he deserved.  The townsfolk hope that he would ask for forgiveness in the end, but to their surprise he can still be heard cursing the town and uttering blasphemous oaths as the fire consume his body.  The people were convinced that the tailor made a pact with the demon. 


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