SkinWalker Ranch

The SkinWalker Ranch also known as Sherman Ranch was surrounded by different unexplainable incidents.  These even caught the attention of a scientific research team and documented a film of the same title last year.

One of the numerous paranormal incidents that happened in this ranch involves a werewolf.  In 1994, a rancher bought the ranch after it has been in its dormant stage for 8 years.  When his wife and two kids moved to the ranch, they immediately noticed the huge bolts that were covering the doors and the windows of the house.  They also saw signs that the previous owner is taking care of two huge dogs in front of the house.

One day the family spotted a wolf on the pasture.  To their shock, the wolf went into their house as if it’s a pet of the family.  It was raining that day and they could smell the scent of wet dog.  After a few moments, the wolf attack one of the calves.  The rancher came to the rescue by beating the wolf but it wouldn’t let go of the calf.  The rancher took his Magnum .357 and shoots the wolf in point blank but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the wolf.  He attempted to shot it 4 more times but the wolf shows no signs of pain.  He then decided to take his rifle and shot the wolf again at point blank.  It takes at least 6 shots before the creature backed out.  It flees on to the muddy area where it left paw prints. 

The rancher and his son tracked the paw prints, but when they reached the end of the tracks, they were not able to find the wolf.  It seems like the wolf has just vanished into thin air.  He return to the area where he encountered the wolf and he saw a chunk of wolf flesh that he examined.  He smelled it and it smells like a rotten meat.  He asked the people nearby about the wolf but no one knows about a giant black wolf that acts like a pet.

Over the next two years, there were numerous sightings of the said creature.  Sometimes someone would saw the creature attacking the horses and it would instantly disappear.  His wife saw the alleged huge black wolf which is accompanied by another dog.  There were also sighting of the Sasquatch, a weird bird, and other ghostly figures.


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