Wales Werewolves

This werewolf account was documented in the year 1790 in North Wales.  It started on one night when a stagecoach was taking the road between Denbigh and Wrexham when apparently a huge black creature attacked them that overturned the chariot.  The black beast is allegedly about the same size of the horses.

The ravenous creature tore one of the horses and killed it, while the remaining horses managed to cut loose on the harness and flee.  The attack was recorded on a full moon, the moon that night was red probably due to the dust present in the stratosphere caused by the forest fire that happened in the Hatchmere region.  But the villagers believe that the red moon signify something like a bad omen.

In the year 1791, a farmer went into his field that is currently filled with snow when he saw huge tracks of an animal that appears to be a paw of a giant wolf.  He asked a blacksmith to accompany him on tracing the tracks.  The tracks led them to a gruesome scene of mutilated farm animals.

A farmer was found hidden inside his own house and in a state of shock.  He said he ran to his house after seeing a huge wolf tearing the throat of his sheepdog.  The creature chased the farmer but he managed to get inside the farmhouse and barricaded it.  He then went under the table to conceal himself while hiding a pitchfork in case the animal breaks through.

The farmer also claimed that the wolf stood on its hind legs as if it’s a human.  It even peeked through the window of his farmhouse.  He said that the eye of the creature is colour blue and resembles the eye of a human.  The church and the villagers organized a hunting group to search for the alleged werewolf but the only thing it left was its tracks.

After 7 years, two men were travelling along the Bickerton Hills when they saw an image of a creature that sent them running.  They rushed to a nearby inn and decided to let the night pass by and just continue their travel the next morning.  At the break of dawn, 2 mutilated bodies were discovered 5 miles away from the Inn.

The attack of the supposed werewolf slowly faded.  But two centuries later, an unidentified creature was reported again. It was 1992, when the newspaper reported something about the sighting of a huge creature that resembles a bear.


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