Emily Isabella Burt

Emily Isabella Burt is a resident of the Talbot County in Georgia.  She is also known as the Georgia werewolf girl.  The Burt Family is a prominent family in Georgia.  They also had several children.  Mrs. Burt was already widowed by the age of 37 making her an heir to the estate of her husband.

Emily Isabella seems to be having the most trouble compared to her siblings.  One reason is the features that she inherited with her deceased father.  The dark hair and bushy eyebrows does not seem to compliment her face, and on top of that she had very sharp canine teeth that are a bit disturbing especially when she smiles.  Her mother took her to a local dentist in hope that she can alter the appearance of her canine teeth, but unfortunately the dentist could not do something about it.  Not long after this, she fell terribly ill and was unable to sleep at night.

Isabella would take a potion that contained opium that would help her fell asleep.  But that medicine does not seem to work all the time, and during those times Isabella would stroll on the countryside.  Emily Isabella soon develops the interest to read, but not just any type of books, Emily Isabella prefers to read book about the supernatural.  Since the estate that her mother inherited comes around with loads of book, it helps Isabella on coping up with her sickness.  Soon her mother started reading books too, a way to keep her awake while watching over Emily and making sure that she will not roam on the countryside.

William Gorman, the lover of one of her sisters, reported that something is murdering the sheep.  Mrs. Burt was worried that this might happen to some of her animals too and took interest on the subject.  On Gorman’s visit, he would tell her stories about the missing cattle and the livestock that were killed and how the villagers are forming a hunting party and determined to kill whatever creature is causing the killings.  Isabella seems to be disinterested with the matter.

On the evening of the hunt, Mildred Burt who was also a great marks-woman took her gun and joined the hunt.  Unknown to them, she has already suspected that Emily Isabella is involve with the deaths of livestock and she is prepared to whatever might happen.  Not long after, Mildred had the sight of the creature and it attacked her.  The creature lunged at her but she managed to fire her pistol.

The next morning, they noticed that Isabella is missing her left hand.  They took her to a local physician and advised them to take her to Paris where a doctor specializes in clinical Lycanthropy.  During the time that Isabella is not in the area, the attack on the cattle dropped to the minimum level.

Isabella was supposedly cured from her sickness.  She remained in Talbot County until the last of her days. Her remains were buried on the Owens and Holmes cemetery found near Woodland.


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