Soul Eaters

It was 1968, when Boltan Simmons, an anthropologist, witnessed the soul eating rituals of the Mayaxa Tochlan.  The power of that cult is said to be way beyond human, since they claimed that no mortal can harm them.  Mayaxa Tochlan literally means “Take Soul Life” a trait which is similar to the vampires of the East that sucks the life out of their victim.

The tribe has managed to stay away from the other tribes and live on the dense forest.   Most of the elders of the tribe is said to be a 100 years old who managed to keep a youthful appearance and energy due to the life that they suck out of their victims.

The other villages feared them believing that the tribe has a ritual to kidnap one child each year and feast on the poor kid’s body.  The children of the nearby village will draw lots to determine who will be visiting the tribe.  Those who were not so lucky will be designated to go to Tochlan and will never return again.

The story of the tribe reached the European country which prompted Simmons to take interest on the subject.    He persuaded a native to take him to the village.  After successfully entering the tribe, he injected morphine to the elders that caused numbness.  He then declared that he has the ability to take all of the souls of these people.  The tribe was convinced that Simmons has a magical power and they permitted him to witness their ritual of Soul Eating.

Simmons was overjoyed about the fact that he was allowed to see the rituals.  He would be taking notes of the event on his journal.  But after sometime, he came to a conclusion that he should never have witness the said ritual.

The ritual started with the choosing of the person that would lose his/her soul.  That time a little girl was unfortunate enough to be chosen.  The little girl was pleading the elders to take her back home, but they replied with a loud slap on her face.  The elders reminded her that it was the will of her own tribe to bring her to the Tochlan.

The chief of the tribe cut across the arm of the poor girl.  Though the wound was not that deep, it was enough for the blood to flow out of her veins.  The blood filled up the bowl that contains secret herbs.  The shaman also added a berry that he said was taken from the Tree of Life.

It was followed by a bizarre chant.  For 13 days, Simmons witnessed the inhumane treatment of the Tochlan tribe to the Poor girl.  The girl was destined to die; she was already in an almost lifeless state on her 13th day.  On the 13th day, the child die and her body was dragged outside of the village to be eaten by the wild animals.

The Tochlan believes in the tradition of soul eating.  They think that it does prolong your life and maintains the youthful glow.  Other tribe members said that they had been living with their elders since the day that they were just a kid and they successfully maintain their youth, thanks to the ritual of soul eating.


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