Synthetic Drugs Can Create Zombie?

They are not drunk, but they are intoxicated. This seems to be the findings of the authorities to some of the incident that includes a rampaging naked psycho in Florida.

The first incident happened in February 4, 2014, when the authorities were attacked by a person who is in some state of delirium.  The suspect attacked them with a clock with sharp things protruding on it.  It took them 10 minutes before they were able to apprehend him.

A 15 year old boy called the help of the police when a neighbor named Conrad Hooper, 17 years old showed up in his house naked and started attacking him.  When the authorities arrived at the scene, they discovered Hooper inside the house breaking random stuff and shouting stuff like 1234, grandma, girlfriend, 5678.  The police had to use everything they got including a police dog which Hooper started to punch in the face.  He even tried to pluck out the eye of the dog.  He then usef the clock to attack the officers and was able to break one of the arms of the police.  The police tried to inject him with a considerable amount of Vallum to sedate him but it seems the medicine does not have any effect on him.

Also in Florida, a naked Psycho ,  Anesson Joseph attacked a teen and started to chew his face before being shot dead by the police.  It is not clear what drug they are using that turned them into a zombie-like creature.

The last incident happened on January 19, but this time the attacker was supposed to be clothed.  Brandon Davis attacked Nicholas Sorace in his own house.  He bludgeoned him and tried to gouge out his eyes.  He even attempted to eat his face before the officers were able to subjugate him.

All of this zombie-like attacks happened in Florida.


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