Yeenaaldlooshii literally means skinwalkers; they were originally a group of powerful magicians who were feared by the ancient American tribe that allegedly had an encounter with them.  They have the ability to take the form of any animals but mostly, they allegedly transform into a wolf.   Aside from taking the form of an animal they are also known to steal the identity of an individual by copying his appearance.

The subject of Yeenaaldlooshii is still popular in the southern part of U.S.A. and the northern part of Mexico.  But the matter of this is discussed in a secretive manner since they believe that most of the powerful Yeenaaldlooshi still lurks in that part of the world.  Thank Goodness, the Yeenaaldlooshi prefers to maintain its anonymity.

The skinwalkers are also known to be a part of a tribe called “Anasazi” meaning ancient enemy. This ancient tribe in known to be hunted by the other tribes and was completely wiped out. Due to the fearsome ability they possess, other tribes were threatened of their existence.  They were also hated for the blood rituals that they usually perform.

One is said to become a Yeenaaldlooshi if he denounced the teachings of the Navajo magic and accepted the mystical magic of witchcraft.  After she was able to reach the highest position as a witch, one must sacrifice the blood of a relative, a child, sibling, or a parent.  This method will said to destroy once humanity and will help them gain the evil power of the yeenaaldlosshi.

Compared to the other skin walkers this wolf like creature cannot be killed alone by the silver bullets, after all they have a protection of the magical spells from this type of weapons.  The only way to kill them is to call them with their real name.  Upon calling them with their real name, the creature would instantly die.


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