Lester Harrison

It seems that a conviction is not enough to stop a killer from committing a murder, which is the case of Lester Harrison.  While Lester was behind his prison cell in Menard, he attacked and killed a fellow inmate.  Lester Harrison was at that time serving his 5-10 years sentence for an armed robbery in Chicago.  He was declared unfit for a trial due to the murder of a fellow inmate and was admitted in a state hospital.  He would be later given a parole and commit other petty crimes which include indecent exposure, attempted robbery etc.

He was declared to be competent for a trial on robbery and was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment.  While he was being held responsible for the petty crimes, no one knew that he is the one to blame for the series of murder that happened around the area of downtown Chicago.

First victim of the serial killer is Agnes Lehman; her body was found on the morning of July 11, 1970.  There were signs that he was beaten to death on the night of July 10.  A shoe was found in the murder scene and linked to a suspect named Wilbur McDonald.  But McDonald was found unconscious in a railway track and was at that time a victim of an assault.  He admitted that he was having a conversation with Lehman at the night that she was murdered but there was a black man who appeared from the darkness and assaulted them.  But the jurors did not believe his story.  McDonalds was given a 150 years of life imprisonment.  The authorities did not even see the reason to reopen the case when they found another victim which was killed in the exact same location. 

Lester Harrison would continue to spread terror around the downtown Chicago and even commit cannibalism on one incident.  When he was finally arrested, the defense was able to delay the procedure due to his psychiatric examination.


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