Masan and Masani

Masan is a male Indian vampire and Masani is a female Indian vampire.  There is not much similar about these two vampires other than their name.  One of them dwells on the cemetery and haunts that place and one victimized those who would cross its shadow.

The Masani can only hunt on the grave yard; some says that her power is limited on that area while other says that her spirit is bound to stay in that place.  She’s always depicted as being black, either by the clothes she wear or her complexion.  Some stories states that her dark complexion is due to the ashes of the pyre.  She only attacks those who accidentally passed the graveyard where she haunts during the night.  Though it is not well explained how the daylight could affects her, it seems that this vampire like most of them is a nocturnal specie.

The Masan is a male vampire who is believed to take the appearance of a child.  It is not clear whether he shaped shifted into a kid or he is a kid.  What clear though is he loves to prey on children.  He takes the pleasure of torturing the child before killing them.  They believe that the Masan despised the children because of his child appearance.  Children must also be careful in walking into anyone’s shadow since the shadow of the Masan contains a curse, a curse that could kill the child.  The Masan is also known for having the magical ability and to put his victims into hypnotic states.

There is no way that you can stop these vampires from terrorizing a certain place.  The only way you can do is to stay as far away as you can to the graveyards and beware of those people with long shadows.  Learning some Sanskrit chant or ritual that is bound to protect an individual can also help.


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