Civateteo, Vampire Witch of Mexico.

Civateteo is a woman who died of giving birth, she returned from the dead to take revenge on kids by infecting them with a polio disease and eventually killing them.  Incidentally there is also a part of the Aztec Mythology that is similar to Civateteo and her name is somehow similar to her, Cihuateteo in Aztec would refer to the spirit of a woman who died from delivering her child.

Civateteos are mostly noblewoman, who said to have the powers of witches.  They returned from the death riding a broomstick. They usually preyed on people at crossroads.  The civateteo is an ugly creature, with face that looks so pale and their hands and arms are covered with white chalk.  But contrary to their appearance as a civateteo, these women were used to be beautiful when they were still alive. 

This creature would roam at night to look for children and feed on them.  They will leave the child on an ill state, suffering from either paralysis or an unknown disease until they die.  They were also rumored to have mate with the living to give birth to vampire kids.

People would usually build a shrine at the crossroads and leave an ample amount of food hoping that it will satisfy the craving of the civateteo.  There is also a belief that a delicacy in a shape of a butterfly (either a cake or other pastries) is the creature’s favorite.  They also hope that the vampire-witch would not notice the rising of the sun while she’s enjoying feasting on the offering in the shrine.  Apparently the sun is known to kill this type of vampire since they serve the god of the moon.


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