In South Africa particularly the Republic of Zambi, people feared a vampiric phantom they called Bantu.  The Bantu is created from the spirit of a wicked person or a person who died and was not given proper burial ceremonial rites.  The spirit would return and possess the corpse and reanimate as an undead.

Bantu needs blood in order to prolong its existence.  Without a blood to nourish him, his body would start to enter the phase of decomposition.  The Bantu can sense even a tiny drop of blood.  It seems that this creature is naturally attracted to the blood of human.  Most of the people who claimed that they were victimized with a Bantu survived the attack.  They woke up the next day with wounds all over their body but do not seem to remember the manner of attack.

Zambians are generally homophobic (fear of blood) as the bantu can sense a tiny drop of blood.  A drop of blood on the ground could draw the bantu and attack them at night.  But there is a way to trick the vampire creature, according to the legends one has to dig up the ground where the blood drop and hide it on a different location.  The source of that drop of blood is also required to undergo a purification ritual to make sure that he’ll be safe from the attack of the bantu.

Bantu is different from the Bantu-Dodong which can be found in India.  The Bantu-Dodong lives in the cave and can survive by drinking the blood of the animals.  One thing similar though is that they were both a vampire creature.


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