Teke Teke

Teke teke is a vengeful spirit that usually haunts railways.  It is defined as the upper torso of a corpse that carries scythe or sometimes a saw.

It has been an inspiration to some popular horror movies in Asia such as Tomie.  According to the story, Teke Teke is a spirit of a young girl who was bullied by her classmates.  One day while sitting on a train station and waiting for the train, her classmates pranked her. 

They scared her with an insect.  The girl got so scared that he fell into the train tracks and the train ran over her body causing her body to split in half.  Her death did not put her spirit at peace.  He went back to the land of the living and swears that she’ll take revenge to those people who did her wrong.

After taking vengeance to them, the teke teke started attacking people particularly children.  She first appeared to her victim with her upper torso, asking them where to find her lower torso.  In order to escape the wrath of the teke teke one must only answer “Meishin Railway”.  Once a person scream or answered anything apart from Meishin Railway, that person will be severed in two.  If a person attempted to run away, he will also be cut into half using her saw or scythe.

Her ability to severe a person in half is too fast that she can do it in a blink of an eye.  She can also appear and disappear at will.  If the teke-teke asked you on how you found out the location of her lower torso you must reply “Kashima Reiko told me”.  Kashima Reiko is the name of the girl who was ran over by the train.  Locals believe she is the spirit of the Teke Teke.

It is believed that anyone who would dare to say the word teke teke would be visited by the teke teke within a month.  So to those who are reading this entry, you might want to avoid railways and train tracks for a month.


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