Groac’h is a vampiric fay of France particularly in the area of Breton.  It is depicted as a beautiful maiden that lives in the deep forest.  The Groac’s would occasionally visit the village in order to satiate her cravings for the flesh of children.

The Groac’h is believed to be protecting a great deal of treasure that often caught the interest of greedy men.  But those treasures are almost impossible to find since the Groac’h is said to protect it with its life.  The men who dare to seek for her treasure would be lured by the beauty of the maiden, if a man lets his guard down; the groac’h would immediately attack him and drained him of his blood.

A popular story which concerns a man named Houran Pogamm tells a tale of a man who seek for the treasure of the Groac’h.  The man attempted to find the treasure in order to marry the woman that he loves, Bellah Postik.  Houran had heard the story about the beautiful but evil woman that is guarding the treasure.  The woman is said to live in the Isle of Lok and is guarding a great deal of fortune.

In spite of knowing the threat, Houran decided to go into an adventure and seek for the treasure.  Eventualy Houran came across the Groac’h.  Groac’h is known for devising a plan to trick young adventurers especially the male ones.    She believes she is too clever that no one can outsmart her.  Houran was transformed into a toad; fortunately Bellah came to the rescue and outsmart the Groac’h.  She was able to trap the creature and placed it in a hole which was plugged using a large boulder.

The spell was broken and Houran reverted to his human form and they discovered the treasure that the Groac’h is guarding.


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