K’uei a vampire revenant in the Chinese lore is depicted as a transparent and dark human with black eyes and dark hair.   Surprisingly it poses a striking similarity to the phantom of the West, i.e. Springman, Rooftop Mad Man, Spring-heeled Jack etc.  But compared to those phantoms that appeared all of a sudden, the K’uei is said to be created when the P’O of someone refuses to leave his body since he cannot accept his fate.  It’s either he lived a dishonest life or a life full of regrets, or there is also a possibility that he committed suicide.

There are also certain events that could lead someone in becoming a K’uei.  One is if the person was not given proper funeral rites and was not properly mourned, another is if the corpse was hit by a direct sunlight and last would be if a cat jumped over a corpse.  But in these events, the person will live the evil life of the others and become a k’uei.

K’uei is described as a nimble and smart creature.  They prefer to be left alone and would not inflict harm to anyone unless it was prevented from feeding.  The K’uei is also known for being shy and since it doesn’t have the confidence to create a physical attack, it would resort I using its limited magical ability and put a hex on that person.

K’uei would be often seen on battle field.  This vampire creature is attracted by the negative energy especially places that have been a scene of chaos and war.  They tend to stay away from holy places and holy artifacts.

There is also a different type of K’uei that can also be found in the Mainland.  They are described as a skeleton-looking demon.  It only attacked those who have sinned greatly and can only walk on a straight line.  Climbing stairs and going in circles would be an impossible task for them.


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