Tomtin is a vampiric fay in the legend of Germany.  They are small creatures dressed in red from their head to toe.  More than an undead creature, they were considered as spirit of the forest that serve the fertility god Nacht Rupert; and god who was once worshipped by the old German tribe, Schwartz Peter.

The Tomtin is known for being a sadist even for the members of the Unseelie Court.  They are known to attack travelers.  They would pounce upon them and start to beat them to death with a stick or a chain.  The blood from their victim would form a pool that the tomtins would drink.  When they finished drinking the blood of their victim, the tomtins would return to their master with the heart and liver of that person.

When Christianity was introduced on the ancient region, they were able to absorb some of the belief and practices of the area to speed up the process of transition.  The god of fertility is known to travel the lands during the winter, he would often give gifts to those people who worship him and leave the others to his tomtins.  Christianity offered Saint Nicholas as an alternative to Nact Rupert.  He was chosen because he was known as Buller Clause all over Germany.

The tomtins are now under the command of Saint Nicholas, but they no longer commit murder.  But the tomtins would now visit children on their beds, wake them up and ask them about their catechism.   Once the children failed to answer the question, the tomtins would whip them while Saint Nicholas will stone them using a lump of a coal.  After they beat them, the tomtins are now free to lick the blood from the children.

The tomtins would evolve in to happy creatures that make toys for the children that Saint Nicholas will distribute during Christmas Day.


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