She Ate a Friend

Olesya Mostovschicova, 27 years of age, was arrested for allegedly axing a friend to death.  She then cooked her and ate her in the presence of her seven year old child.  She confessed to the police that she had a heated confrontation with her friend.  She then took her axe and decided to kill her.

The victim was hit in the head for several times as well as on her body.  When the poor victim died, she cut her body parts into pieces and ate it.  Police was saying that the suspect calmly relayed them the story of her crime.

Based on her testimony on the police, she said:

 “I took the axe and hit her a number of times on her head…..Then I cut off her ears, gauged out one eye, cut off an arm, and a hand. I took the hand, arm and eye and cooked these body parts in the oven.”

She added how she was able to hide her friend’s body with the help of another friend:

“Some time later, I went down to the cellar again because Julia said that she was hungry and wanted to eat some more……We sliced off some more meat and took it upstairs to the kitchen We fried it on the cooker and ate it.”

The seven year old boy was able to witness everything, including the murder and the mutilation of the body.  Julia, the alleged accomplice of Mostovschicova claimed that she was only forced to eat the meat since she threatened her that she will also kill her if she does not eat her meat.

The police was able to discover the crime when they received a report about a human leg in the garbage bin.  They discovered markings on the floor of Mostovschicova that apparently looked like a blood.  Upon thorough investigation, the police found a dead body in her garden.  Olesya confessed to the murder and cannibalism.  She is now facing 15 years of imprisonment.  Her child was then taken to a rehabilitation centre.


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