Sirhan Sirhan, a Culprit or a Zombified Victim?

When Sirhan Sirhan fired all the eight bullets of his revolver, Senator Robert Kennedy was already dead, but Sirhan Sirhan seems to be in a state of trance.  Was he not able to comprehend the magnitude of the crime that he committed or was he under the zombification process?

George Plimpton was one of those inside the venue that tried to disarm Sirhan Sirhan.  But he cannot forget the look in the eye of the killer.  His eyes are so peaceful like he is in a state of tranquility.  Other guest who was inside the event also testified to the account that it seems Sirhan Sirhan has been drugged or hypnotized.

When he was done on the inquest procedure in the police station, he apparently asked the authority to bring him a copy of the book of Madame Helena Blavatsky, the “Secret Doctrine”.  As we all know Madame Helena Blavatsky is the author of Isis Unveiled, he also discussed paranormal stuff such as psychic vampirism.

On 1967, Sirhan Sirhan was hired as a part timer on an occult bookstore.  Here he started to become interested on astral projection, hypnotism and mind control.  On 1968, Sirhan joined an occult group who claimed to have a connection on the ancient priest of Egypt.
During the court trial, Sirhan Sirhan professed his admiration to John F. Kennedy and that he has no memory of killing Senator Robert Kennedy.  But he also stated that he hated Robert Kennedy for not keeping his promise of giving back the Arabs their home back in Israel.  In the end he told the jury that he might’ve killed Robert but he still insist that he has no knowledge about it.

A lot of theories have manifested such as paranoid psychosis, self hypnotism and being drugged with a certain stimulus that strengthen his will of killing Kennedy.  There is also the theory of mind control thus turning into a mindless zombie and killing Kennedy without his knowledge.


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