Baltic Vampire

Baltic Vampire was originally told by Captain Pokrovsky he is a guard officer of Russian-Lithuanian descent during the year 1905.  Pokrovsky was forced to take a guarding post in Lithuania apparently because of a certain political offense.  The reason for the offense was not mentioned in the story.

Captain Pokrovsky did not find the punishment that hard as he gets the chance to spend some time with his noble uncle especially with his daughter.  One day while they are checking some peasants on the town they noticed a man whose health is deteriorating fast upon having his second marriage, though the man would constantly consume red meat, that didn’t stop his health from fading. 

This event prompted Pokrovsky to investigate the case.  He summoned the help of a doctor and asked him to examine the peasant.  Immediately the doctor found out that the peasant is suffering from a massive loss of blood.  What is puzzling is that there are no noticeable wounds that can result to the loss of blood.  But upon further inspection, the doctor found out two small puncture wounds on his neck.  The doctor said that the puncture wounds cannot be an insect bite since there are no inflammations present in his neck. 

The doctors gave him prescription on the drugs that he needs to take; the captain felt relieved and went on his way home.  After some time he asked his cousin about what happened with the peasant.  He was surprised to hear that despite of the energy tonic and other medicine that was given to him, the man continued to weaken and died eventually.

The wounds on his neck also worsen upon his death; his wife also disappeared after.  The captain concluded that the widow might be sucking the blood of the man and acting like a vampire every night.  He believed that he disappeared due to the fear that the town might killed her if they found out about the incident.


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