The Girl and the Vampire

The story of the Girl and the Vampire is a popular tale of the undead creature in Rome. It tells about a boy who committed suicide after failing to get the woman that he loved.

According to the legends, the boy took his own life after the parent’s of the girl refused to give them their blessings.  People said that the man turned into a vampire and began visiting his girlfriend.

The girl then decided to seek the help of the woman who has knowledge into this kind of creature.  She told her that she should attack a thread to the man’s shirt.  The woman complied in doing so, on the night that the vampire visited her; she placed a thread into its shirt.  When the vampire departed, the woman traced it back and found out that the thread ends into the vampire of her late boyfriend.

The vampire did not stop on visiting her.  They even had a sexual relationship after the girl’s parents died.  The vampire asked her girlfriend what she saw the night that she followed him to the graveyard, but the girl refused to divulge what she discovered. The girl died few days after.
People buried her according to the instruction that the older woman gave.

Soon after, a flower grew on her grave, which was witnessed by the son of the emperor.  He ordered his men to unearth the flower and bring it to his castle.  During the evening, the flower tends to change into a beautiful maiden.  Eventually, the son of the emperor and the beautiful maiden got married.  One day she accompanied her husband to the church where she was confronted by a vampire.

She ran immediately to the church where she hid behind an icon.  The vampire followed her and the icon fell on him which killed the vampire.

The story was often told to discourage youth from having pre-marital sexual relationship.


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