Lubins or Lupins is a term referring to a specific type of werewolf found in the legends of Normandy, France.  They were normally females and has a shy type of nature compared to other types of werewolves who were aggressive.

The famous Pierre Vidal is said to fall in love with a lady named Loba who was believed to be a lupin/lupine. In his  poem “A tal Donna”, he described how he was madly in love with a she wolf.

Crowned with immortal joys I mount The proudest emperors above, For I am honoured with the love Of the fair daughter of a count. A lace from Na Raymbauda's hand I value more than all the land Of Richard, with his Po├»ctou, His rich Touraine and famed Anjou. When loup-garou the rabble call me, When vagrant shepherds hoot, Pursue, and buffet me to boot, It doth not for a moment gall me; I seek not palaces or halls, Or refuge when the winter falls; Exposed to winds and frosts at night, My soul is ravished with delight. Me claims my she-wolf (Loba) so divine: And justly she that claim prefers, For, by my troth, my life is hers More than another's, more than mine. 

They said that there are two ways on how you can become a Lupin, one is if you were born into the family of werewolves and the other one is if you were infected by the curse by a bite of a Lupin.  Lupins undergo a painful transformation every full moon.  Their form resembles more of a human than a werewolf, since they can walk using their hind legs with a stance of a normal man, but their features is the same as a wolf.  The Lupins, since they are all male has some sort of protective nature that can be compared to that of a Mother’s instinct.  A type of Lupins was also used by J.K. Rowling in her popular novel harry Potter wherein Remus Lupin was cursed to become a werewolf.


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