Stephen Hubner

Stephen Hubner is also known as the Vampire of Treautenau.  He lived in a Slavic village and was said to be responsible for the death of several victims during the period of 1730 to 1732.  According to the accounts, Hubner’s records of crime was not focused on human only, he also attacked cattle and other farm animals.  All the victims were diagnosed to die due to strangling.

But wait, he is not a serial killer; Hubner is already dead by the time he was accused of these murders.  When he was still alive, Hubner was a wealthy person.  But he was not that popular among the villagers due to his behavior, a perfect recipe for someone to turn into an undead creature after his death.  Some says that he became rich by signing a deal with the devil.

When the news reached the Supreme Court, they immediately decided that the body of Stephen Hubner should be exhumed.   After the body was disinterred they found out that the corpse was properly preserved even though 5 months has already passed.  They also managed to see number of signs that they attributed to vampirism giving them the conclusion that Hubner is definitely a creature of the night.

The corpse was brought to the gallows where his head was decapitated.  They decided to reduce the remains of Hubner to ashes and dispersed the ashes into the air as a traditional method of driving away the evil spirit.  The town’s folks wanted to make sure that there would be no more incident of vampirism that would happen on the village so they decided to exhume the bodies of the deceased whose grave was near the pit of Hubner.  They were cremated and were reburied. 


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