Converse Werewolf

Converse Texas is a community of ranches.  A long time ago, a rancher sent his 15-year-old son into a task into the wild to kill a deer, a sort of coming of age task.  The boy went out on his task to hunt a deer.  He entered a dense forest area hoping that it would be flocked with a group of deer.   But as he entered the area he found himself being hunted by a large beast.  He immediately decided to retreat back home and tell his father about the beast.

But the rancher did not take the story of his son seriously.  He thought that the accounts of story were a rip off from a book of supernatural.  He reiterated to his son that he has to go back to the woods and make his first kill.  The boy decided to obey his father and went back to the woods.  But after a few days of being gone in the woods, the young man still has not returned to the ranch.

The villagers together with the rancher formed a search party to find the young man.  Not long after they were conducting the search, the rancher heard a noise from a distant.  Hoping that he found his son, he approached the location where the noise is coming from.  But to his surprise, he saw an 8 ft. tall creature that resembles the appearance of a wolf and an ape that was devouring the flesh of his son.  The rancher managed to fire shots before he retreated in the woods.

After seeing the gruesome sight of his own child, the rancher died due to depression.


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