Lobishomen A Vampire or a Werewolf

There are two types of Lobishomen that were mentioned in the lore.  One type is more vampiric which can be found in the folklores of Brazil.  He would bite the neck of the woman but would not kill her, he would only drink a small amount of her blood but his attack is like an aphrodisiac leaving the woman a nymphomaniac.  This type of lobishomen was said to be created by witchcraft.

The Vampire lobishomen is depicted as a small and fat creature with stance similar to a monkey. It has a yellowish pale skin and black teeth.  They usually have long hairy beard.  Killing a vampire lobishomen requires sharp steel.  One has to cut this creature with steel while avoiding its blood since their blood is known to contain fatal substance that could kill you in an instant.

Another type of Lobishomen is more connected with the werewolves.  They were known to have a connection with the Bruxsa.  They are part of the Portuguese legend and usually referred to as Lobisomen.  It seems that the night can affect their transformation as they can retain their human form during the day and transform into a werewolf during the night.

There is also an interesting twist to the story.  They say that the Brazilian werewolves turn into a lobishomen after they die.  Unlike any vampire who seems vulnerable to garlic, experts are warning people never to use garlic on this creature.  They recommend using Wolf’s Bane and that is believe to keep the vampire on its grave.  A Wolf’s bane mixed with onion and displayed as an ornament on the doorway is also known as an effective way of driving away the evil spirit.


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