The Haunted Hotel of Colombia, Tequendama Falls Hotel

The Tequendama Falls Hotel is also known locally as Hotel Del Salto that is situated at the Soacha City.  It is located on the Bogota River particularly on the cliff side while overlooking the majestic Tequendama Falls.  The construction of this dream hotel started in the year 1923 and it serves as an emblem of the elegance and wealth of the elite citizens during the 1920s.  It is also referred to as the ‘Mansion of Tequendama Falls’.  It highlights an awe-inspiring French Architecture and the backdrop serves as the perfect vacation place for anyone.

However despite of its majestic location, it also became the source of spooky stories.  It is a place always filled mystery as it is always covered with the fog coming from the waterfalls.  The hotel was closed down after the Bogota River was contaminated.  A sheer glance on this hotel and you will know why it is considered as one of the most haunted places in Colombia.

According to the story, the beautiful falls of Tequendama has become a renowned place of suicide for the Muisca people. They choose to jump over the waterfalls rather than to be the slaves of the Spaniards during the Spanish Colonization era.  There are plenty of ‘evidences’ in YouTube that is believed to be the ghost of the Muisca people who decided to take their life on the falls.

Some people dismissed the story as merely a ‘campfire story’.  However it only takes a matter of five minutes for you to reach the place where most people take their life.  It is still a renowned place for suicide wherein t he latest act of suicide happened just a month ago.  The waterfall is truly a sight to behold but you will also feel depression about the people who stood on top of the falls and found no way to go but to jump down.

The place has been going a transformation and is currently open on specific days not as a hotel but as a museum.  The entrance fee to access the museum is about $2 and a Spanish-speaking guide will direct you to the different rooms of the facility.  The building is enigmatic to say the least.  It is sometimes foggy and covered with the swirling water from the falls.


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