Adelin Saide

In 2010, police investigated the case of a young houngan or voodoo priest who came from Forte Liberte in Haiti. The man identified as Adelin Saide went into a tavern to have a drinking session with some men.  That night he experienced an terrible pain and inspite of the efforts made to heal him, Saide died the next morning.  Saide was on his way to the hospital when he died on the 2nd of May 2010.

The death certificate of Saide has been signed and Saide was pronounced legally dead.  The remains of Saide were given to his brother who is also a voodoo priest.  The brother then took the remains of Saide to the nearest mortuary found in Cap-Haitien.  They held the funeral at the Catholic Church located in Terrier Rouge. Saide was laid to rest 3 days after he was declared dead, May 5, Wednesday.

On May 6, Thursday, People who live near the cemetery hear a very loud noise.  The locals called the police thinking that there is some disturbance happening in the cemetery.  The police arrived in the scene and found the father of Seide, a senior voodoo priest named Jeantery Seide in the gravesite of his son holding a machete and a bottle which is believed to use in the rituals of raising dead.

The police conducted a thorough investigation and found out that the coffin of Adelin Saide was empty and that he is alive.  No one was charged on the said event.

It is interesting to note that the machete and the ritual bottle found are necessary for creating zombie.


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