Mineral Point Vampire

In 1981 -Mineral Point, Wisconsin, there were sighting reported about an alleged vampire lurking on the Graceland Cemetery.  The police officer named John Pepper claimed that he had an encounter with the vampire whom he described as a tall man with white pale face and wearing a cape.

The incident happened in the end of March 1981, the officer claimed that he pursued the said vampire but he lost it when he jumped over a barbed wire fence.  The creature was never seen again.  There were no other reports about the mineral Point vampire after that incident.  Police ruled it out as a prankster but the perpetrator was never caught.

It was followed by the same event in 2004.  It was March 14, 2004 when the police received numerous calls about someone sitting on a tree just outside the apartment complex.  The man would allegedly leap and attack anyone who will pass.  The description given by those reports bears a striking similarity to the description of John Pepper that happened in 1981.  The police pursued the suspect and they found foot prints.  They followed the foot prints only to end in a 10-ft concrete wall.

The incident was followed by a report of a couple that was attacked by a white face man wearing a cape.  The couple reported the incident on the police station on July 11, 2008.  Again the police was unable to catch the caped man.

Mineral Point in Wisconsin is one of the oldest cities in the US. It was settled back in 1827.


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