Jure Grando or Giure Grando

Jure Grando from Istria was believed to be the first actual person to become a vampire according to history.  He was a peasant in a small town at the interior of the Peninsula of Astria a place near Antignana Croatia.  Jure Grando dies on 1656 but legend said that he came back to life years after to spread terror and fear around the village.  The local priest attested to the eerie incident that happened on their town.  He said that during the night someone would knock on the doors of their house and on that house someone will eventually die.

His wife also said that Jure appeared inside their bedroom looking at her smiling and short of breath; Jure Grando will sexually assault her after.  Father Girgio claimed that he came face to face with the vampire he held a crucifix in front of him and screamed 

“Behold Jesus Christ, you vampire! Stop tormenting us!" 

He said that a tear fell from the eyes of the vampire during that incident.

A man named Miho Radetić chased and tried to killed the undead by piercing his heart, but he failed since the stake just bounce off the vampire’s chest.  Nights after, nine people went on a hunt.  They brought sticks, lamps and cross and went straight to the graveyard to dig up the grave of Grando.  They were surprised to see a perfectly preserve corpse of Jure with a smile on his face.  Father Giorgio uttered a prayer and tried to remove the vampiric manifestation.  They tried to pierce his chest once more but the stake was unable to penetrate the flesh of the corpse.

After performing exorcism, Stipan Milašić took a saw to dismember its head from its body.  As soon as they started sawing the head off its body, the accused vampire screamed and fresh blood started flowing out of the wound.  Moments after, the whole graveyard was drenched in blood.  Peace returned to the village soon after they decapitated the body of Jure.

 These accounts can be found on The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola written by Johann Weikhard von Valvasor.  He was also mentioned on La mystique divina, naturelle, et diabolique but some said that the story about Jure are a bit sensationalized.


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