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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Peter Niers

Peter Niers is a German serial killer who is known for committing 544 murders. This includes the 24 fetuses that are extracted directly from the pregnant victims for his black magic purposes and for cannibalism purposes. He is known to be a powerful dark magician during his time

The Horrifying Exploits of Peter Niers

Accounts of his exploits can be found in the works of historian, Joy Wiltenburg:

 “Of course the profession of robbery required some roving, whether the principals had been itinerant beforehand or not. It was in the spaces outside cities that these bands operated, particularly in woods and mountains and along unfrequented roads. The gang led by Niers and Sumer reportedly started in Alsace, but after gathering a group of twenty-four (...) near Pfalzburg, they separated to rob and murder. Accordingly, they were caught in different places- one in the imperial city of Landau, one at Kirchweyler am Rhein; four at Strasbourg; nine at Pfalzburg; and six at Koblenz.”

In 1577, the group of bandit including Peter Niers was arrested but somehow he managed to escape. After his escape, news would constantly circulate around town about the details of his gruesome murder which includes his magical ritual and his cannibalism. It is said that the main ingredients that gave him the magical ability is the heart of the fetuses. Niers has to devour the heart of the unborn before he can cast any spell. The flesh and the fats of the infants were turned into a candle that is said to help them from robbing houses.

Shapeshifting Powers

Peter Niers would later be connected with the shapeshifting powers. There were stories telling that he has the ability to take the form of a thing which includes logs or a stone. But stories said that he constantly changed into a cat or a dog.

When Peter Niers arrived at Neumarkt, he checked in at an inn called The Bells. One day he decided to wash himself at the bath house leaving all his stuff inside his room. Due to his popularity a cooper recognized him and spread news that the famous killer might be residing at the inn. Two citizens who are in the bathhouse quickly went to the Inn and insisted that they should check the belongings of the person. They opened the bag and found number of hands and heart of fetuses inside. The towns’ people were quick to react that led to his arrest.

He was tortured in a span of 3 days before finally dismembering him.

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