Incorruptible Corpses

During the Medieval times, experts say that one sign to distinguish a vampire from a human is if there is no sign of decomposition in its corpse.  Apparently there were accounts in the history where the remains remain in a normal state, Catholic churches called them as “Incorruptible Corpses.”

One case happened in Isleta Pueblo located in New Mexico, in a mission church that was built in 1613 and is said to be one of the oldest mission churches in the United States.  In 1700s a missionary named Fray Juan Jose de Padilla was stabbed to death by an unidentified attacker.  He was buried on the floor of the church which is near the high altar during 1756.

The remains of Padre Padilla remained on the church floor for 19 years until one day when the floor of the church as well as the altar began to shake for no distinct reason.  People also said that they heard a strange noise coming from the ground.  The people inside the church cannot comprehend the phenomena happening at the church until the remains of Padre Padilla broke up the floor.

The shocked churchgoers analyzed the body and they were surprised to see that the remains of Padre Padilla were in perfect condition.  Fascinated by the incorruptible body of the priest, church authorities and other experts examined the body, but they cannot find a distinct reason why it stayed on its perfect state.

The church then decided to rebury the remains of Padre Padilla, but this time they gave him a proper burial hoping that it would finally put the soul of the priest at piece and prevent similar incidents.  The coffin of Padre Padilla was once again opened in the year 1819 (44 years after), but to their amazement, the remains are still in perfect condition, the clothes that he is wearing also showed no sign of decomposition.  The remains were again re-examined but they were still unable to find a concrete conclusion.  The body was put to display for the public to see and everyone is just aghast to see a body that is buried for too long but remained fresh.

The church proclaimed that the corpse of Padre Padilla is Incorruptible.  There were also reports about a fresh scent that permeates the air that seems to come from the corpse of Padre Padilla.  There were also people claiming that they saw Padre Padilla on the church ground.  134 years after the first exhumation of the corpse, Anton Docher would report about the persistent knocking on the ground which is now covered with wooden boards.  The knocks on the floor were so rampant that Dorcher decided to tear the wooden boards to see what is causing the sound.  Legends say that he wounded himself in the process and developed an infection that needs to be amputated.  They said that Dorcher was cursed by Padre Padilla for violating his grave.


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