A Vampire Incident Narrated By Madame Helena Blavatsky

Madame Helena Blavatsky is a renowned spiritualist born in Russia.  Her most popular work is the Isis Unveiled that also contains a story about vampire.

The vampire incident that happened was supposedly reported by someone who witnessed the whole event.  It concerns a ruler of a certain land who is a dictator and wicked.  He forced a beautiful young girl to marry him, and he continuously abused the girl every day.  The governor soon fell ill and he wanted her wife to swear that she will never re-marry again.  If at times that the wife should marry someone else again, he would return and torment her life.

After the man died, the women immediately broke her promise and sought the person he really loves.  They got married and started a beautiful family.   The governor kept his promise and returned from the land of the dead.  Every night the governor would appear riding a black coach carried by 6 dark horses.  The servants would try to stop him when he enters the house but they would be over powered by the forces of the phantom of the governor.  Some servants claimed that they’ve been electrocuted and others said that they went into a hypnotic state.  The governor would then attack his former wife; he would drain her blood to the point of near death. The vampire made sure to return every night and drain the blood of her wife.

The authorities decided to take the mater into their own hands.  They decided to perform the traditional method of dispelling the vampire manifestation.  The authorities disinterred the body of the governor.  They found out that the body of the governor is still fresh and has no mark of decomposition.  They also noticed that the body of the governor is bloated, as if it is filled with blood on its last night hunt.  They decided to stake the governor and perform an exorcism.

After that fateful day, there were no longer attacks recorded on the girl made by the governor that turned into a vampire.  Also in her book, Blavatsky also discussed the possible origin of the vampires and also psychic vampirism.


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