Krvopijac: Vampire of the Lenten Season

Christians has a traditional method of sacrificing some things during the Lenten season.  Some would refuse to eat meat on that day and stay away from smoking and alcohol.  But there were times when someone broke this fasting especially smoking and drinking liquors.  During those times, a krvopijac was born.  It is said that someone who broke his promise on not to take any cigarettes or alcohol during the Lenten season will immediately turn into this creature, some believed that those people will get the chance to live their whole life and will become a krvopijac once they die.

Legend says that a deceased man would turn into a krvopijac after 40 days of his deceased, the same amount of fasting day during the Lent season.  Within those 40 days, a slow and disgusting transformation would start to happen to the body of the supposed krvopijac.  The bone will start to become soft like a jelly, it will then slowly harden until it reaches the toughness of material similar to that of a titanium alloy which is supposedly indestructible which gave the krvopijac an unbelievable strength and the ability to leave unscathed at every hunt.

 When the 40 days is over, the creature will rise from its grave with some signs of decomposition.  Krvopijac would immediately feel his hunger for blood and hunt for its prey.

Compared to the usual vampires where the local could identify them when there is no sign of decay, this type of vampire would be a bit complicated to hunt since there is no presence of rotten flesh.   One popular procedure is that they let a naked virgin ride a dark horse.  The horse would be afraid to step on the grave of the suspected krvopijac.

Once they managed to identify the culprit, the villagers would do some prevention method to stop the creature from tormenting the village. They said that a hawthorn and garlic is an effective way to stop this vile creature, scattering those items on the grave would be helpful against the krvopijac. You will then open a bottle and utter some enigmatic words and the creature will supposedly be trapped inside the bottle.  You will then have to throw the bottle into a bonfire.  The attack of the krvopijac should cease by then. 


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