The Vampire Dog of Ennerdale

From 1810-1874, England Ireland and Scotland reported about a vampiric incident that tormented their sheep, the incident briefly happened again on 1905-1906.  The creature is called the Vampire dog of Ennerdale.

The first report about the alleged vampire dog happened in May of 1810, in the village of Ennerdale, a town located at the border of England and Scotland.  Those who saw the creature said that the dog is larger compared to the other local dogs.  It left a track that is set deeply on the ground; those tracks are also long, unlike any other dogs.

The creature was held responsible for the death of 6-8 sheep a night.  Its method of killing is by drilling holes into their throat and feeding on their blood.  Surprisingly, the creature only suck the blood, the flesh of the carcasses remains untouched.

September of that same year, a large black dog was sighted and was shot in a nearby cornfield. The attacks stop for a while only to continue in Ireland.  The public dismissed the idea of a wolf killing the sheep since the last wolf was spotted on 1712.  If the alleged vampire dog was killing at around 8 sheep a night on Ennerdale, the hunger of the creature increase, as it feed on the blood and kill 30 sheep per night.  The tracks that were left is eerily similar to the tracks found in Ennerdale and the manner of attack post a striking resemblance, again the flesh of the sheep remained untouched.

On April 11, a huge dog was shot by an archbishop.  Thinking that they already put an end to the misery of the sheep, the dog reappeared again 10 days after on a town located hundreds of miles away.  The sheep was slain in the same manner.

It reportedly bit a man on Limerick, Ireland and after a short period of time the man went insane and was sent to the Ennis Insane Asylum.  The cycle of event continued, a black dog was sighted, sheep has been slain the same way, a black dog was shot, and a black dog would reappear.  In 1874, the large black dog was again shot.  People were waiting for it to return but to their surprise the black dog was never sighted again. 

After 30 years, the black dog reappeared again.  On November 1, 1905, London Mail reported about an incident of sheep slaughter in Badminton.  Their throats have been ripped out and their bodies were all dried up of blood.  A black dog was reportedly shot on November 25 in Gloucester, in Hinton on December 16.  On the 19th of March 1906, on a site near Guildford, at least 51 sheep were killed on a night of killing spree.  The government turns the blame on a wild animal said to have escape on captivity.  But the local zoo and animal shelter never reported anything about a wild animal escape.

All in all the vampire dog was said to kill 237,250 sheep; that is 10 sheep per night since the day it attacked.  The vampire dog was able to consume 1, 594, 320 liters of blood which is equivalent to two Olympic-sized pool.


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