Richard Cottingham

Richard Cottingham is an America serial murderer from New Jersey who terrorized the part of New York during the period of 1967-1980.  He was also known as the torso killer due to his bizarre ways of dismembering the victim and leaving nothing but the torso.  He was also known to drink the blood of a prostitute in one case.  Later it was discovered that Cottingham is responsible for killing more than 6 women.  In most cases he would bite them and drink their blood.

On the 2nd of December, 1979, firefighters responded to a reported fire incident in a small hotel which is near Time Square.  When the fire fighters forced their way in, they discovered more than just fire in one of the rooms.  Two headless corpses was lying on the bed, their hands was also severed.  It seems that the victims was doused with a fluid lighter and was set on fire.  Whoever did this seems to be deliberately removing the evidences.  The missing body parts of the victim were never seen again.  Thanks to the x-Ray one of the victims was identified as Deedeh Goodarzi, a prostitute.  The other victim was never identified.

Police were able to link the crime to a previous incident that happened on the Time Square that concerns another hooker.  Her body was also discovered in the same manner as the two victims.  It was later revealed that they have a lunatic serial killer on a loose.

May 5, 1980, another prostitute was found dead in a motel room.  Based on the investigation, the victim suffered a terrible beating on the hands of the serial killer before being strangled to death.  She was then stuffed under the bed. 

The incident was followed on May 15, Jean Reyner was stabbed to death by an unknown killer.  Her breasts have been sliced off and her body was burned.  A week later, the police were again summoned in a motel, but this time it is due to the screaming of one of their guests.  The scream of the girl appears as if she was being tortured.  When the police arrived they caught a glimpse of a man fleeing the scene.   They also saw a woman handcuffed inside the room who seems to be in terrible state.  The suspect stabbed her and bit her nipples.  She claimed she was beaten, sodomized and raped.

Richard Francis Cottingham was arrested in connection to the crime.  He seems to be a well respected man; he was working for a major insurance firm and has a great family.  But after the police searched his house, they were able to find a trophy room where he kept most of his souvenirs from his victims.

He was proven guilty and was sentenced to 197 years in prison.


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