The Mapinguary is a huge furry creature that resembles the appearance of “Big Foot”, usually sighted in the area of Rio Araguaia.  The Mapinguary means the roaring animal; it is similar to the cape-lobo which allegedly wore a skin similar to a wolf.

Based on the legend and those who claimed to saw the creature, mapinguary is a huge creature covered with fur all over its body.  The mapinguary is said to measure at around 2 meters tall and its thick fur is believed to be impenetrable by bullets and other weapons.  It has long arms that are similar to an ape with sharp claws on its hand.  It also has a round head and a noticeable huge mouth.  The numbers of eyes vary based on the legends, some says it has two eyes other says that it has one eye that makes it look like a Cyclops.  There are also some people claiming that the creature has mouth on its belly that it utilized to devour the human.

But there are ways on how to tell that a Mapinguary is on the area.  The strong disgusting smell and the crowd of flies is a giveaway that a Mapinguary is coming your way.  They said that the smell of this creature is so despicable that even the strongest and fearsome warrior would run away upon smelling its unbearable odor.  Those who smell the mapinguary is infected with an unknown disease for a number of days.

Mapinguary loves eating the brain.  They said that their sheer strength is enough to break the skull of a human so that they can feast on the brain of their victim.  Unlike similar creatures, the monster would never flee and fear the presence of a human.  It is aggressive like a hunter and would hunt down its prey.

The only way to kill the Mapinguary is to shoot him in the head.  But it would not be that easy cause the mere presence of the Mapinguary would put you to daze.  The best thing to do is to maintain your distance to the creature and launch your attack when he least expect it.

It was first sighted in March and April, 1937.  A Mapinguary was held responsible for the death of over 100 yellow cattle in Ponta Branca.  People claimed to hear the loud roaring sound in the woods.  Unfortunately the only evidence it left was its footprint that measured at around 18 inches.  There were also sightings reported in Argentina, Patagonia and Peru


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