The Vampire of Coventry Street

Reports about a giant cat with wings measuring at around 6 ft. flying around the town started to circulate around London in West Drayton Church on April of 1922.  Several witnesses claimed that they saw the creature went down into the cemetery.  Two policemen chased the said creatures and said that they heard the creature release an eerie howl and fly away after.  According to an old man, the giant black cat could be a vampire of the old man who murdered a woman by draining her blood.  The Vampire of Coventry Street is a vampire-related incident that happened during 1890s.

On April 16, around 6 in the morning, a man felt some strange presence following him while he was walking along the Coventry Street, London.  He sensed that someone bit him in the neck and suddenly felt like his blood is being sucked out of him.  After a few moments the man reportedly fell unconscious.   When he regained his consciousness, he was already inside the Charing Cross Hospital, and doctors said someone might have attacked him with a thin tube

After an approximately 2 hours and a half, another man at an unconscious state was rushed to the same hospital, he was suffering from a terrible bleeding in the neck.  When he woke up, his accounts were a lot similar to the first victim.  He felt an invisible presence that attacked him and drained his blood.  Both of them were attacked from the same spot of Coventry Street.

The story about the 2 man quickly spread all over the town, and the town blame it on the Vampire of Coventry Street.  The police who couldn’t find any lead that time hired a vampire hunter.  The vampire hunter allegedly was able to hunt down the vampire and he took it the Highgate Cemetery where he performed the staking.  But some people highly doubted this claim.

History has no account whether the bizarre case of attack on Coventry Street has been solved, but the attack of the supposed Vampire of Coventry Street ended.  


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