Arnold Paole

Arnold Paole was a Serbian who was believed to turn into a vampire after his death.  His case is similar to PeterPlogojowitz wherein his death was followed by 16 random deaths in the village Meduegna located near the area of Paracin.  And just like the other case, Arnold Paole involves Austrian authorities and a documentation of an Austrian Physician. Glaser and Fl├╝ckinger, an Austrian doctor of the military was sent to document and investigate the case of vampirism that will eventually be spread on Eastern Europe.

Before his death, Arnold Paole told his wife that he was being haunted by the undead.  Paole would then hunt the grave of the undead and set their corpse into fire.  But Paole was affected with this event causing him to resign his post and went back to Meduegna.

While Arnold Paole was working on a farm, Paole met an accident that caused his life.  A month after his death, random villagers attested that they saw Paole roaming around the town.  After several days, those people who claimed to saw Paole suffered an unexplainable death.  Due to this reason people will demand the authorities to exhume the dead body of Paole.

When the body was unearthed from the grave, the authorities found a sign of vampirism.  The corpse was not rotten and it stayed fresh, though the nails had already fallen off, a new set of nails are growing.  There is also a fresh blood on his lips.  The group decided to proceed with the staking.  Villagers cried out after seeing a fresh blood gushed out from his mouth.  As a part of the tradition the group scattered garlic around his grave and the other victims.

The villager’s life returned to normal until 1732 when strange occurrences started to happen once again.  A series of unexplainable death caused the villagers to unearth the corpse and search for signs of vampire manifestation.  With the help of 3 surgeons, a lieutenant and a sub lieutenant, the authorities managed to find 11 bodies without a sign of decomposition even though they have been dead for months.  The entire corpse exhibits the same characteristic of Paole’s vampirism. The reports are a part of the modern vampire histories.  No clear conclusion was made on the latter outbreak; some of them think that Paole infested some of the villagers’ cattle during that time.  And when the villagers consumed the meat of the infested cows, they too were infected by the disease causing a new outbreak.


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